chapter two (model: Ana Bacrii)

The Hatchet
by Mihail Sadoveanu

Vitoria Lipan is the main character of the Romanian novel "The Hatchet", written in 1930 by Mihail Sadoveanu.

A shepherd's wife living in a mountain village, she has a premonition that her husband had died. Despite her fears being dismissed by the priest and prefect of the county, she starts on a journey that ultimately leads to the revenge of her husband's murder and the punishment
of those who had killed him.

Much like "True Grit" and "Winter's Bone", but with a more spiritual and gloomy atmosphere, where things are all rock solid and it takes a strong moral force to move those boulders out of truth and justice's way.

A justice from the Old Testament, as old as time and the traditions of the land. The blood of the dead, left unburied demands the blood of the murderers.

Her story is one of grit, determination and standing by your convictions no matter how hard the road gets and it reveals a complex, strong female character struggling to deal with the grim situation that she find herself in.

Although eventually she succeeds in her quest, the victory is bittersweet and tragic that is why she is sometimes called "a female Hamlet".

Vitoria Lipan stands out as an unique female character and continues to be relevant to this day, challenging gender roles and inspiring every new generation of women.