first chapter (model: Vlad Troncea)

Prislea the Brave
by Petre Ispirescu

Meet Prislea the Brave. He is the main character of the Romanian fairy tale Prislea the Brave and the Golden Apples.

An old king has a tree that year after year gives golden apples which, year after year, are all stolen by a thief, so the king never gets to taste the golden apples. After both his elder sons fail to catch the thief, it is Prislea's, the youngest son, turn to try. Neither his father, nor his brothers believe he can succeed, but Prislea devises a shrewd plan, managing to stop the thieves and bring his father the apples he had so long wanted to taste.

But Prislea's story doesn't end here: determined to finish the job and catch the thieves, he embarks on a journey to the mythical Other Land. An adventure that brings Prislea facing Dragons, monsters, completing quests and saving princesses.

When he comes back, victorious, he is betrayed by his envious brothers. Eventually, his generous nature shines again and he forgives his brothers, letting their punishment onto God.

This beloved Romanian fairy tale is a symbolic story of good versus evil, where Prislea embodies the epitome of goodness.

He never wavers from his path, he is altruistic to self-denial and does nothing for his own gain, he is motivated only by helping people, pleasing his father and, once, even saving the offspring of a dragon with his own life at stake.

Prislea is also bestowed with supernatural powers, but the accent is always on his drive to do the right thing, always being ready to protect and help those in need and bring justice wherever it is necessary.

Prislea is a hero, a model to look up to and is forever a special character in the Romanian folklore.