chapter three (model: Anamaria Olas)

Ileana Cosanzeana
by Petre Ispirescu

This is Ileana Cosanzeana. In Romanian folklore, she is a fairytale princess. She epitomizes the feminine beauty and she is said to have eyes like the sun, the body like the sea and clothes made of flowers.

Her beauty is only surpassed by her kindness and goodwill.

She is beloved by all and there is no surprise that she attracts evil characters: in the fairytale, she is kidnapped by Zmeu (the Romanian version of an evil dragon, a symbol of the devil) and imprisoned in a high tower until she concedes to marry him, which she never does.

Many worthy young men attempt to rescue her, none more virtuous than Fat Frumos (the Romanian version of Prince Charming) who undergoes many trials before he ultimately defeats Zmeu and saves the beautiful Ileana Cosanzeana.

Being initiated in white magic and having the power to heal and revive, Ileana bravely helps Fat Frumos in his challenges.

She then marries him when she is finally set free.
Certainly, they live happily ever after.