It all started when Alice Goidea was invited to attend the Celebrity Suite pre-Oscar party as a make-up artist. She wanted to prepare something that highlighted her work but also brought a little extra, besides her display of art. Alex Hariga proposed her the idea to pay tribute to her Romanian roots. The concept was to present the most beloved Romanian characters to the biggest celebrities in the world. Great Romanian Characters is the result of their colaboration.

The project's purpose is to show that Romania's stories are fascinating and diverse, going beyond cliches like Dracula. wouldn't have been possible without the help of
all the awesome people listed below:

Alice Goidea - Make Up Artist / Alex Hariga - Photographer / Dan Hariga - Project Manager / Gratiela Dinescu - Photographer and Assistant Photographer
Enoh Barbu - Front End Developer / Razvan Marin - Storyteller / Alexandra Paun - Story Editor
Ana Bacrii - Vitoria Lipan / Vlad Troncea - Prislea / Anamaria Olas - Ileana Cosanzeana / Teodora Anghel - The Huchen.